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  • Are you feeling overwhelmed in the work place?

  • Feel you are being treated unfairly or experiencing inappropriate (verbal, nonverbal, physical) behaviour?

  • Is exam pressure becoming too much?

  • Or school environment daunting?

  • Are you finding social media and other social platforms toxic and are impacting on your mental health?


We will help you navigate through difficult situations and explore various options available to you.

Image by Gregory Culmer

Managing stress in your life or in certain situations can feel like a daunting task, however, there is always a way to manage it.

Contact Me

Courthill Counselling Services, Unit 3B Ashleigh Centre, Main Street Castleknock, Dublin D15 R226 |  Tel: 087 228 8775

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Thank you. I will be in touch soon to see how I can help!

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